A triage nurse’s ability to quickly capture critical patient information and accurately assign the appropriate triage level is vital to an emergency department’s success. Given the wide array of patient presentations, this can be a daunting task for many emergency nurses, regardless of their experience level. The Sullivan Group has partnered with Shelley Cohen, RN, MSN, CEN from Health Resources Unlimited to design, RSQ® Solutions - Triage Program, a comprehensive online triage training solution to improve clinical competency and decision making.

The Sullivan Group’s proven RSQ® Cycle provides nurses with both educational training and continuous feedback on their performance. This approach has led to consistent change in clinical behavior and positive patient outcomes.

  • RSQ® Education - Triage Fundamentals Series
  • RSQ® Assessment - Triage

RSQ® Online Education - Triage Fundamentals Series

Recognizing that clinical experience levels vary greatly in triage, the Triage Fundamentals Series is designed to be relevant for both novice and seasoned nurses. TSG’s online triage training courses explore many critical topics, including:

  • The Risky Business of Triage
  • Triage Practice Standards
  • Triage Assessment and Documentation
  • Triage Policy, Procedures and Guidelines
  • Special Considerations at Triage
  • Violence Potentials and Violence Victims
  • Customer Service Perceptions
  • Clinical Components I (Head, Neck, EENT)
  • Clinical Components II (Pain: Chest, Abdomen, Back, Extremity)
  • Clinical Components III (Fever, Seizure, Heat/Cold Emergencies, Syncope)
  • Clinical Components IV (Inhalent Abuse, Toxicities, Behavior Changes)

RSQ® AssessmentTriage

This online application is designed to reduce the variability in triage competency. Augmenting the RSQ® Education with this training tool gives your nurses the greatest opportunity to succeed in triage.

  • Watch how the recommended triage level changes as nurses self-enter case data
  • Interact with critical thinking tips
  • Automated reporting helps leadership verify departmental competence

This triage training suite provides organizations with the tools needed to ensure high clinical performance and deliver high-reliability care during the triage process at their facilities. Plus, it satisfies every emergency department’s need for an effective ongoing triage training program.

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What our clients are saying

After completing the original Epidural Abscess TSG course, only about two months went by until I had diagnosed my first in our ED – in a patient who had a pain pump placement recently. Thank you for refreshing my differential diagnoses list; it saved the patient’s life

Dr. David Duff,Madison County Hospital

All of Sullivan’s courses are informative and very interesting. I always learn a lot when I take them.

Vicki Miller,Conroe Regional Medical Center