Targeting Patient Safety Goals

As a result of dramatic changes in the healthcare industry, hospital organizations have been employing a record number of physicians and assuming an unprecedented amount clinical risk exposure. In response, The Sullivan Group developed the RSQ® Solutions - Patient Safety Fundamentals Program to provide risk managers with a scalable solution for ensuring all clinicians receive education and training on important risk and safety issues. In addition, the Patient Safety Fundamentals Program explores other important timely topics that support the healthcare organization’s patient safety goals and migration towards seamless clinical integration and care coordination.

All clinicians, regardless of their specialty, benefit from the extensive RSQ® Education library. Hospital leadership can choose from a wide range of topics that address recent regulatory changes, such as value-based purchasing and readmissions, as well as other traditional areas of concern like communication and medical-legal issues.

In addition to a broad course offering, the Patient Safety Fundamentals Program gives organizations the flexibility to target specific areas of clinical risk. These courses explore the root cause of common malpractice claims, such as failure to diagnose or treat, and provide clinical pearls of wisdom that immediately impact patient care.

Patient Safety Fundamentals Program Library

Clinician-to-Clinician Communication

  • Communication Strategies to Improve Patient Safety in High-Risk Situations
  • Handoffs, Transitions, Discharges: Key Moments in Patient Care

Culture of Safety

  • Batch Events: Catastrophic System Risk
  • Creating a Culture of Safety*
  • Essentials of Patient Safety

Diagnoses-Related Adverse Events

  • Cognitive Errors in Medicine: Parts 1 & 2


  • Healthcare-Associated Infections*
  • Never Events
  • Sepsis

Medical & Medication Errors

  • 11 Simple Strategies to Prevent Medication Errors
  • Prevention of Medical Errors
  • Technology Revolution: Improving Patient Safety, Reducing Liability

*Audiovisual course

RSQ® Collaborative

To help develop the Patient Safety Fundamentals Program, The Sullivan Group organized a group of nationally recognized risk and safety-focused clinical champions from a broad spectrum of medical specialties. Members of the RSQ® Collaborative meet regularly to identify emerging patient safety and risk issues and prioritize course development. Together, the RSQ® Collaborative offers over 300 years of clinical and medical-legal experience.

What our clients are saying

I am very fortunate to work for a company that provides us with access to Sullivan Group!

Karen Grissom,Terre Haute Regional Hospital

“This course provided very effective adult learning via clear/understandable objectives, multiple choice exams and visual aids (outstanding/real clinical re-enactments)!”

Roland Francia,Hackensack UMC