Enterprise RSQ® Solutions

The Sullivan Group’s scalable approach to improving patient safety and clinical performance makes it easy for healthcare administrators to implement a solution for the entire organization. Clients can choose to launch a program that focuses on a specific issue, such as patient experience or disclosure and apology. Alternatively, clients can build their own curriculum of online continuing education courses that focus on a variety of risk and safety topics relevant to every clinician.

Patient Safety Fundamentals

Targeting Patient Safety Goals As a result of dramatic changes in the healthcare industry, hospital organizations have been employing a record number of physicians and assuming an unprecedented amount clinical risk exposure. In response, The Sullivan Group developed the RSQ® Solutions – Patient Safety Fundamentals Program to provide risk managers with a scalable solution for ensuring all...Read More

Communication & Resolution

Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic shift in conflict management in healthcare, especially how organizations confront medical errors after an adverse outcome. Unfortunately the traditional approach has led to limited communication between the healthcare providers and patient’s family members. However, given the overwhelming success that many organizations have documented with disclosure, apology,...Read More

Patient Experience

While there has always been an emphasis on improving patient satisfaction, healthcare organizations have become even more concerned with their performance in this area due to recent regulatory changes. Perhaps one of the most challenging issues confronting hospitals is the ability to ensure all clinicians are effectively communicating with their patients. In response, The Sullivan...Read More