PDoc Solution for MEDITECH

Implemented in more than 170 facilities, TSG’s PDoc Solution for MEDITECH can be easily integrated into the native PDoc program.  Through years of experience, TSG has identified the ideal template structure and clinical content design that improves clinical workflow for providers using MEDITECH in their ED. Additionally, providers benefit from immediate access to clinical decision support resources within the clinical template.   Features of the PDoc Solution for MEDITECH, include:
  • Chief Complaint-Specific Templates - 65 for adult patients & 65 for pediatric patients
    • Risk-enhanced, clinical content
    • Optimized design to improve workflow
      • Because documentation efficiency is almost as important as the quality of template content, TSG’s build leverages the "Normals” and “Canned Text” dictionaries to give providers the tools they need to quickly document their ROS, PE, MDM, and Discharge statements.
      • Complaint-specific normals allow providers to document comprehensively with few clicks. Queries belonging to the “Focused ROS” and “Focused PE” have one-click Normals facilitating documentation of a normal review or exam.
      • Over 60 robust, legally-protective canned text notes are included with the build, giving providers quick access to comprehensive MDM and Discharge notes, as well as several Risk and Imaging notes.
  • RSQ® Knowledge Base
    • Evidence-Based Medicine Algorithms
    • Interactive Differential Dx
    • Quick Consults
    • Dictation Templates
    • Medical & Risk Calculators
  • Timely Content Updates
    • As the practice of medicine advances, documentation guidelines and requirements are frequently updated. TSG helps clients keep PDoc in line with the latest developments. For example, recent updates have included additions for recording reassessments of septic patients, documenting new PQRS quality measures, and capturing required data for Meaningful Use.
  Solutions are available for the following MEDITECH systems: Request Demo Request Pricing

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