MEDITECH Physician Documentation Solution

70% of physicians think EMRs reduce their productivity and 56% cite charting as a contributing factor to burnout. The Sullivan Group’s physician documentation templates for MEDITECH provide a turn-key solution to reduce physician time spent creating medical records. The suite of nearly 140 chief complaint-specific templates have been vetted by board-certified emergency medicine physicians and were designed to support the optimal physician documentation workflow. Templates also leverage the MEDITECH system to ensure documentation compliance with important Risk, Safety, and Quality (RSQ®) indicators, thereby creating a more defensible medical record. Drawing from 20 years of research into adverse outcomes and a granular analysis of 350,000 high-risk patients, TSG designed the PDoc Solution to specifically target those clinical areas of risk exposure that have often led to patient safety events and malpractice litigation.  

Comprehensive Content

Our physician documentation templates provide physicians with comprehensive clinical content for a wide variety of complaints. These templates have been vetted by a group of veteran physicians, board-certified in emergency medicine and pediatric emergency medicine.

Risk Stratification Tools

The relevant risk stratification tools for each chief complaint are built right into the templates on the “Risk” tab, such as the PERC calculator and Wells DVT Score. Physicians can use these tools to appropriately rule out diagnoses and have the results write directly to the chart to create a highly defensible medical record should there be an adverse outcome.  

Clinical Decision Support

Linked through the “View Protocol” tab, providers receive targeted clinical decision support relevant to the chief complaint, drawing from our comprehensive suite of RSQ® Resources, which offers immediate access to quick consults, differential diagnoses, calculators, medical illustrations, and more without leaving the chart.  

Efficiency of Documentation

Template layout reduces the average time needed to chart:
  • Physical exam “Normals” tailored for each template facilitate documentation without overreaching or overdocumenting.
  • Library of canned texts provides quick access to comprehensive notes for medical decision-making, discharge, imaging, and risk stratification.
  • Importing vital signs, lab values, and shared nursing queries pre-populates charts with essential information.
  • Leveraging EDM modules speeds up discharge routines.
Improved documentation compliance dramatically impacts billing:
  • Judicious use of required flags ensures provider charts meet basic billing needs without impeding workflow.
  • Subtle highlighting with “)(“ symbol identifies recommended areas of documentation based on the template selected.

Timely Content Updates

As the practice of medicine advances, documentation guidelines and requirements are frequently updated. TSG helps clients keep PDoc in line with the latest developments through annual update packs.

Scripting Solutions

TSG has compiled all of the specifications for the build into a single file that can be loaded into MEDITECH via scripting in a matter of weeks. This removes the need to build each of the templates by hand, which can be very time and labor intensive. Meditech-physician-documentation-scripting-timeline
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