RSQ® Cycle

A Systematic Approach to Changing Clinical Practice

Our goal is to change clinical practice and drive meaningful improvements in patient outcomes. To approach this change systematically, we developed the Risk, Safety, Quality (RSQ®) Cycle:
  • RSQ-cycleThe first way to do that is through standardized education: our RSQ® Education. We offer over 240 online CME/CE courses, that are primarily in a case-based format.
  • Next, we take the same key takeaways from the RSQ® Education, and hardwire that into the clinical environment using our RSQ® Modules for EMRs. This provides clinicians with decision support, in real time, and allows them to bring risk and safety to the bedside.
  • Finally, we measure clinical practice change through our RSQ® Assessment and provide that data back to the clinicians. Unlike other assessments in the market, we are analyzing the most granular elements of the care given to high-risk patients so that the data is actionable for the clinicians.

As shown in our case studies with some of the largest health systems in the country, our systematic approach has proven effective in changing clinical practice and improving patient outcomes.

Download Case Studies: