While there has always been an emphasis on improving patient satisfaction, healthcare organizations have become even more concerned with their performance in this area due to recent regulatory changes. Perhaps one of the most challenging issues confronting hospitals is the ability to ensure all clinicians are effectively communicating with their patients. In response, The Sullivan Group designed a scalable training solution to improve every healthcare provider’s communication skills, bedside manner, and ultimately their patient satisfaction scores.

The RSQ® Solutions - PatientSET™ Program provides healthcare organizations with a scalable solution to improve clinician-patient communication, the patient experience, and HCAHPS.

Unlike other programs that rely heavily upon a top-down strategy, this comprehensive online training suite ensures that all clinicians are empowered with the interpersonal skills needed to positively impact their bedside manner.

  • PatientSET™ Education
  • PatientSET™ List
  • PatientSET™ Assessment

The PatientSET™ Program mirrors the RSQ® Cycle that has been proven to change clinical behavior and improve patient outcomes over the past 15 years.

 RSQ® Online Education - Patient Satisfaction Series

During these online, multimedia courses, Dr. Finefrock and nursing leadership demonstrate correct as well as incorrect clinician-patient encounters. Written by peers, this patient satisfaction library includes specific courses for each role that impacts patient satisfaction, including:

  • Providers
    • PatientSET™: Introduction for All Healthcare Providers
    • PatientSET™: Hospital Best Practice High-Risk Videos
    • PatientSET™: Office Best Practice High-Risk Videos
    • PatientSET™: Annual Review
  • Nurses
    • PatientSET™: Introduction for Nurses
    • PatientSET™: Nursing HCAHPS  & Communication Annual Review for Nurses
    • PatientSET™: Healthcare Customer Service for Nurses
    • PatientSET™: Annual Review
  • Non-Licensed Staff
    • PatientSET™: Healthcare Customer Service for Other Employees

PatientSETEducation Only Pricing: $156/provider; $78/nurse

PatientSET™ List

Providing practitioners with evidence-based, real-time tools is imperative to achieve high performance in all areas of medicine. TSG has distilled all of the teaching elements from its online activities into a concise 10-step bedside checklist for clinicians to reference.

PatientSET™ Assessment

Through this analysis, organizations can provide their clinicians with objective feedback to improve their bedside manner and HCAHPS scores. Trained observers evaluate and capture data points during the actual patient encounter. Ultimately, this data rolls up into a detailed analysis that the patient experience leadership can review periodically to identify specific areas of improvement.

Lack of or insufficient communication is cited in two-thirds of malpractice suits. In addition to the direct impact this program has on patient experience scores, the organization may also notice a reduction in its total liability costs and its frequency of malpractice claims due to lapses in communication.

PatientSETEducation & Assessment Pricing:

  • Organization wide use: $1/admission
  • Emergency Department only use: $.50/ED Visit



What our clients are saying

“Best online education I’ve ever had in my 17 years of nursing. The case samples kept my interest be­cause they were not made up or fictional. You presented real life catastrophes for us to learn from. Excellent!”

Deanna McGrew,Good Samaritan Hospital

“This was a particularly valuable activity and reminded/reinforced very basic but crucial interpersonal skills. I was also intrigued by the evidence correlating patient satis­faction with malpractice activity.”

Dr. Patrick Snowman,Hilton Head Medical Center