Clients & Partners

Since 1998, TSG has continued to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships with a number of companies that have a vested interest in improving patient safety. Due to the breadth of the RSQ® Solutions portfolio, TSG's relationships span across the healthcare industry to include: healthcare providers, risk & insurance organizations, and healthcare technology companies.

Hospitals & Health Systems

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The RSQ® Solutions product line lends itself to acute care environments due to the remarkable scalability and sustainability of the programs.  TSG works with organizations on a number of levels to identify which solutions align with each client's initiatives and culture. Preview the organizations we work with here.

Insurance Industry Partners

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Many companies in the risk and insurance industries have partnered with TSG to improve their risk posture and augment their existing risk management tools. Often times insurance companies will award discounts off of malpractice premiums to those healthcare providers that successfully complete TSG's programs.

Physician Group Clients

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TSG continues to work with a number of physician group clients across the country.  These front-line providers recognize the inherent patient safety benefits of  RSQ® Solutions and appreciate the immediate impact these tools have on their clinical practice and documentation. Preview the physician groups we work with here.

Industry Partners

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TSG works hard to identify and establish relationships with other existing technologies and organizations maintain a unique position in the healthcare industry to impact patient safety.  These relationships can take on the form of new product development or in some cases involve the reconfiguring of the existing product to keep a closer eye towards patient safety. Learn more about our partners here.