Historically, there has not been a system solution available to practitioners of emergency medicine for reducing the incidence of diagnostic errors and the exposure to medical malpractice liability. It is no coincidence that this field is well known for being a high-risk specialty, susceptible to cognitive errors that lead to missed and delayed diagnoses, adverse outcomes, and malpractice claims. In response, The Sullivan Group designed a scalable solution to mitigate the specific clinical risks that often lead to patient harm in emergency medicine.

The RSQ® Solutions - Emergency Medicine Program provides organizations with a comprehensive solution that directly addresses the adverse events that stem from diagnostic errors.

Unlike other vendor programs that rely solely upon education, RSQ® Solutions - Emergency Medicine Program applies a system solution for changing clinical behavior to improve patient safety that consists of the following components:

  • RSQ® Education - Emergency Medicine Series
  • RSQ® Modules for EMRs
  • RSQ® Assessment - Emergency Medicine

Each component of the RSQ® Cycle brings the providers and nurses together around the most relevant, high-risk issues in the emergency medicine environment.

RSQ® Education - Emergency Medicine Series

The extensive RSQ® Education library in emergency medicine uses interactive, case-based courses to emphasize fact patterns and areas of clinical deficiency that have historically given rise to adverse events and malpractice litigation. These courses are packed with current evidence-based medicine and best practice guidelines to help reduce the variability in physician practice throughout the organization. Updated frequently to include the most relevant risk management and patient safety issues, education includes courses in the most common failure to diagnosis claims in EM, including:

  • Appendicitis
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  • Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • Pulmonary Embolism
  • Sepsis
  • Infections
  • Stroke
  • And many more

View the full RSQ® Solutions - Emergency Medicine Education course list here.

RSQ® Modules for EMRs

Perhaps the most powerful way to impact patient safety in the Emergency Department is through the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). TSG works with both enterprise and boutique EMRs to create quicker, more efficient documentation workflows while aligning clinical decision support resources to prevent adverse patient safety events. Learn more about the EMRs TSG partners with here.

RSQ® Assessment - Emergency Medicine

This online application provides a granular analysis of the clinical performance in the Emergency Department. Many organizations use this tool to help satisfy various regulatory requirements for performance improvement initiatives in addition to identifying the specific areas of clinical risk exposure.

RSQ® Solutions – Emergency Medicine Assessment Pricing:

$.50/ED Visit for 5 chief complaints; $.65/ED visit for 10 chief complaints

For example:

  • 20,000 Annual ED Visits & 5 chief complaints = $10,000/year license fee for 3 years
  • 20,000 Annual ED Visits & 10 chief complaints = $13,000/year license fee for 3 years

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What our clients are saying

We are very pleased with the professionalism and clinical expertise displayed by the team at The Sullivan Group. Their assessment of our obstetrics department helped us to narrow the focus of our safety and quality improvement efforts to those high-risk, high-impact areas highlighted by TSG’s analysis

Stephanie Rogers,Administrative Director of Risk Management
FirstHealth of the Carolinas

“This was a particularly valuable activity and reminded/reinforced very basic but crucial interpersonal skills. I was also intrigued by the evidence correlating patient satis­faction with malpractice activity.”

Dr. Patrick Snowman,Hilton Head Medical Center