The Sullivan Group (TSG) helps healthcare organizations reduce medical errors, improve patient safety and reduce malpractice litigation. TSG's RSQ® Solutions Platform is used by some of the national largest hospital systems to successfully reduce adverse outcomes.

TSG has worked with over 1,000 acute care facilities; its educational activities have been used by 95,000 clinicians and has an impact on over 20 million patient visits annually.

Our Mission

Our Team

In a continuing quest to improve healthcare, reduce risk and limit malpractice litigation, TSG founder Dr. Dan Sullivan has assembled an outstanding team of medical, risk reduction and IT professionals dedicated to perfecting a system solution that reduces medical error and improves patient safety.

RSQ® Collaborative

In late 2010, TSG organized a group of internationally recognized clinical champions that share TSG’s passion for patient safety. This RSQ® Collaborative continues to provide the clinical guidance and expertise that drives the development of RSQ® Solutions.  Today, TSG has implemented one or more RSQ® Solutions programs in over 800 US facilities, impacting more than 20 million patient visits annually. These programs continue to significantly impact patient care across the spectrum of healthcare as more healthcare organizations embrace RSQ® Solutions.

Clients & Partners

Since 1998, TSG has continued to establish and maintain long lasting relationships with a number of companies that have a vested interested in improving patient safety. Due to the breadth of the RSQ® Solutions portfolio, TSG's relationships span across healthcare industry to include: healthcare providers, risk & insurance organizations, and healthcare technology companies.