RSQ® Solutions for Obstetrics
RSQ® Solutions for Obstetrics provides healthcare organizations with a system solution to improve clinical performance, increase patient safety, and reduce malpractice claims, by delivering a comprehensive loss prevention program based on a proven cycle of continuous quality improvement
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Each component of our Risk, Safety, Quality Cycle brings physicians and nurses together and focuses on the most relevant, high-risk issues.

RSQ® Solutions for Obstetrics enables organizations to implement an efficient, scalable and sustainable program to standardize care and reduce exposure to malpractice litigation.
RSQ® Education
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• RSQ® e-Learning
The risk and safety library contains offerings that focus on each of the high-risk areas in obstetrics. Interactive courses provide CME / CNE credit for both physicians and nurses, and address teamwork and communication issues. The courses are case-based and have a 98% satisfaction rating. The content is so relevant that we regularly hear feedback from practitioners that our curriculum alone has changed their practice, and in many instances, saved lives.
• RSQ® Fetal Heart Monitoring Competence
RSQ® Solutions for Obstetrics includes a series of clinically based teaching vignettes focused on the interpretation of and the physiology behind various fetal heart rate monitor patterns. Deploying to both physicians and nurses helps to reinforce adoption of standardized terminology and NICHD guidelines.
• RSQ® Placental Pathology Program
There are very few pathologists who can appropriately evaluate a placenta to accurately demonstrate that fetal problems are the result of fetal and maternal pathology and are unrelated to the care provided. A careful analysis of the placenta may completely avoid litigation or significantly contribute to a defense verdict.
• RSQ® Simulation
The medical community has reached consensus that obstetric team training and crew resource management can improve patient safety. Unfortunately, most obstetric practitioners don't have access to simulation centers, which are generally located in metropolitan medical academic centers. The Sullivan Group is developing a scalable simulation program that provides a low-cost, practical team training solution for any medical center or organization.
RSQ® Modules for EMRs
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TSG is the leader in integrating risk, safety, and quality clinical decision support into electronic medical records and paper documentation templates, bringing real-time risk management to the point of care - the bedside. We help hospital systems deploy tools that practitioners can use to dramatically improve patient safety and reduce risk, and we help organizations to achieve meaningful use.
RSQ® Assessment
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• RSQ® Clinical Assessment
The powerful clinical assessment tool measures the obstetrical unit's compliance with documentation and indicators of quality clinical practice, teamwork, communication, and patient management in all the high-risk areas in obstetrics. Data entry is simple, and we provide a wide range of reports, including the ability to drill down to results by individual practitioner. The program provides the ability to monitor your unit over time and benchmark against hundreds of peers. Because data drives change, clients have had tremendous success creating action plans and changing behavior with this tool.
• RSQ® Operational Assessment
TSG can also provide an on-site consultant to evaluate the labor and delivery unit and the hospital's readiness for an obstetric emergency. TSG works with leading obstetric risk consultants to provide an operational analysis and design a program for the hospital system's nurses and obstetricians.
Administration of RSQ® Solutions
TSG Nav® gives your organization broad control over the education and clinical assessment processes. With TSG Nav®, facility and organizational administrators can easily add or remove practitioners, review progress and compliance, and leverage powerful reporting features for performance comparison and benchmarking. These web-based tools facilitate the effective and efficient management of RSQ® Solutions, and are conveniently available online.
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RSQ® Education
RSQ® Modules for EMRs
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