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Insurance Professionals face many unique challenges within the climate of today's healthcare industry. Increased competition has prompted many companies to provide their insured members with additional value beyond professional liability coverage. Because of this trend, hospital systems, physician groups, and even individual practitioners are beginning to expect more from their insurance carriers. Partner with The Sullivan Group to deliver on those expectations with highly effective clinical RSQ® Solutions and reward participation with a premium credit program.
Proven System Solution Leads to Dramatic Reduction in Malpractice Claims

RSQ® Solutions from The Sullivan Group leverages evidence-based medicine, recognized best practices, and TSG's proprietary medical error and adverse outcome database into a single, comprehensive system solution that is proven to reduce malpractice exposure. This integrated, scalable system solution enhances practitioner performance and improves patient safety, while reducing the incidence of medical errors and helping practitioners create defensible medical records. Altogether, this translates directly into real dollars for insurance companies.

Over 700 healthcare facilities use RSQ® Solutions to realize measurable improvements in performance. One captive was able to reduce malpractice reserves by over $40,000,000 due to the reduction in malpractice claims over a three-year period.

Building upon proven risk-reduction strategies employed by other risk-sensitive industries, TSG devised the Risk, Safety, Quality Cycle of continuous quality improvement:

RSQ® Education: Standardized, web-based Risk, Safety, Quality education
RSQ® Modules for EMRs: Real-time risk management tools
RSQ® Assessment: Clinical performance assessment and feedback
Whereas the airline industry utilizes a similar three-pronged approach to promote safety in air travel, TSG implements it to reduce the incidence of medical errors and associated malpractice litigation by changing clinical behavior. Standardized education, risk managed bedside tools, and clinical evaluation and feedback all contribute to improving clinician performance. High-quality patient care means reduced exposure to malpractice litigation.
Why Does It Work So Well?
The key to the system is its ability to predict, identify, and address risk exposure. Standardized education on avoiding failures to diagnose and delays in diagnosis keeps evidence-based best practices fresh in the practitioners' minds. Risk-managed EMR tools help the practitioner make the right choices during the patient encounter. Critical clinical evaluation with feedback to the practitioners facilitates performance improvement by identifying shortfalls. Once any deficiencies in clinical practice are identified, they can be remedied through focused education and other improvement plans.
RSQ® Education
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Our extensive RSQ® e-Learning Library includes over 100 courses that cover all of the highest-risk clinical entities in the practice of medicine. These convenient, interactive, online educational activities are case-based, provide CME / CNE credit for physicians and nurses, and have earned a 98% satisfaction rating, with over 400,000 courses taken to date.

Clients have had great success implementing premium credit programs built around taking a certain number of courses per year. With our Universal Gateway, your members can sign themselves up and pay a discounted rate for courses, while earning a credit on their insurance premiums for completing the curriculum that you set for them.

RSQ® Assessment
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The web-based RSQ® Assessment tool predicts the risk of medical errors, adverse outcomes, and related malpractice claims, and quantifies it by evaluating over 200 indicators of quality clinical practice and documentation in emergency medicine and obstetrics. A careful analysis of over 300 assessed hospitals demonstrates that improving a facility's score on the performance evaluation directly correlates to reduced medical errors and associated malpractice claims.

The Sullivan Group owns the world's largest risk and safety database focused specifically on patient safety, medical errors, and adverse outcomes. Utilize this database to benchmark your clients against the national profile and reward high-performing practitioners. Those that score well on the assessment represent good risks, and thus earn a premium credit, whereas low performers can become good risks through focused education targeting the areas in which they are deficient.

RSQ® Modules for EMRs
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TSG is the leader in integrating Risk, Safety and Quality clinical decision support into electronic and paper medical records. We help hospitals and systems deploy tools that practitioners can use at the bedside to dramatically reduce risk exposure, helping organizations to achieve Meaningful Use requirements set by CMS.

Deployment of an EMR enhanced with TSG's Risk Mitigation Module is one of the most effective means of standardizing care, reducing medical errors, improving documentation defensibility and avoiding medical malpractice claims. Insurance entities should recognize the significant investment in risk management that this represents and consider incentivizing their insureds toward this behavior. TSG would be happy to discuss with you the provision of an additional incentive for your clients if your insurance entity formalizes such a program.

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