Get RSQ® Solutions
How to Get RSQ® Solutions
  1. Contact The Sullivan Group to discuss your Risk, Safety, and Quality needs

    Phone (toll free): 1-855-RSQ-INFO (1-855-777-4636)


  2. Review informative brochures with your organization's decision makers.

  3. Schedule an educational web conference to learn more about those RSQ® Solutions that may interest you.

  4. Select products and services to tailor the program to your individual or organizational needs, and finalize the terms.

What Happens after Your Organization Approves the Initiative?
  1. With The Sullivan Group, develop a timeline for implementation and reporting.

  2. Assemble your program core team, assigning roles for administration and accountability for results.

  3. The Sullivan Group will orient the core team to the program and train appropriate personnel on use of any tools.

  4. When assessment results are available, The Sullivan Group will educate the team on interpretation of the results and assist with the development of action plans for improvement.

  5. Execute improvement plan, repeat quality cycle and track progress.

  6. The RSQ® Solutions Program is a sustainable initiative that embeds Risk, Safety and Quality practices into the fabric of a healthcare team.

RSQ® Solutions for…
Emergency Medicine
Hospital Administrators
Insurance Professionals
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RSQ® Modules for EMRs
RSQ® Assessment
Get RSQ® Solutions
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