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Standardized education related to the prevention of the most common medical errors made in the practice of medicine has been shown to improve the quality of patient care given, resulting in the reduced incidence of medical errors and medical malpractice litigation.

This stage of the Risk, Safety, Quality Cycle is the cornerstone of every successful risk management program.

RSQ® e-Learning


Why Use TSG's RSQ® e-Learning?


TSG's RSQ® e-Learning Program engages practitioners with evidence-based clinical risk management content proven to change clinical practice and significantly reduce medical malpractice claims and litigation. Authored exclusively by nationally recognized medical experts, our 100+ courses leverage over 15 years of research into the causes of medical malpractice claims, and are effective in reducing medical and cognitive errors that result in expensive "failure to treat" and "failure to diagnose" claims.


The courses are extremely well received by healthcare providers, averaging a 98% approval rating with over 400,000 courses taken. The RSQ® e-Learning library may be accessed directly from your website through an easy to implement, easy to use learning management system.

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Specialties and Topics Covered by RSQ® e-Learning

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Emergency Medicine Obstetrics Toxicology
EMTALA Pediatrics Trauma
Geriatrics Patient Safety Triage
Hospital Administrator Patient Satisfaction Urgent Care
Hospital Medicine Stroke Women’s Health
Medical-Legal Surgery  
The Medical Error & Risk Reduction Series

This important series of courses attends to the most common failures that result in patient injury and medical malpractice liability. This series addresses the conditions that comprise approximately 80% of the medical errors committed by healthcare practitioners and their related malpractice litigation.

The Medical Malpractice Case Review Series

This group of courses presents actual medical malpractice cases followed by in-depth case reviews and practical recommendations for eliminating or reducing adverse outcomes. It grants relevant, risk-preventive information no provider should be without. Clients use the case series to reinforce the lessons communicated from the Medical Error and Risk Reduction Series.

The Medical / Legal Education Series

Today more than ever, it is critical that healthcare professionals understand the laws governing the administration of medical care. Keeping apprised of current standards and regulations is vital to preventing departmental violations and related liability, fines, and possible loss of Medicare or Medicaid qualification.


Many laws, regulations, and CMS interpretive guidelines change so frequently that texts are often out-of-date before they are published. TSG's Medical-Legal education takes advantage of the online medium by remaining constantly updated, so guidance is always current, always relevant.

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The Sullivan Group provides a free quarterly newsletter covering the latest information on changing medical practices, healthcare laws and regulations, and topical and specialty-specific updates. Each newsletter is authored by one of our nationally recognized experts, and is delivered electronically.

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