Risk & Safety Overlay for EDIS

The TSG Risk Overlay is a remarkable safety template system that adapts to your ED’s unique needs.  Our broad range of templates guides practitioners from identification through treatment of more than 50 high-risk complaints, and provides critical information on commonly overlooked diagnoses, right at the patient’s bedside.  The risk overlay is immediately effective, either used to establish a foundation or to integrate with your organization’s pre-existing templates, so it is customizable to your department and its professionals.  And it includes highly-researched key risk and safety scenarios typically overlooked by other paper or electronic templates, ensuring your ED receives the most effective risk reduction tool available today.

Considering the national 16% failure rate when it comes to recognizing and appropriately treating abnormal vital signs, even the most highly-qualified doctors and nurses require guidance during times of pressure—which are unremitting in ED environments.  No practitioner can remember every possible cause of an abnormal vital sign, every textbook example, every protocol that should be followed.  At least not without immediate, effective help.

Guidance so effective, it’s patented.

EM practitioners don’t have time to consult textbooks, notebooks or computers—when a patient presents to the ED, every second and every decision is crucial.  That’s why TSG has created a help system so instantaneous, so intuitive and so effective it has been awarded its own patent.

Prompts that work every time you need them.

Can you name and locate every tendon in the hand?  Recall every probability formula for deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism?  Remember to test for a commonly overlooked variable that can mean the difference between a feverish infant’s full recovery and a lifelong disability?  If you can’t answer any of these immediately, you’re in good company.  Few, if any, practitioners can.

Instead of missing critical elements, the TSG Risk and Safety Overlay prompts you through situations encountered by EDs every day.  Years of research into the deficiencies in clinical practice have identified myriad causes of medical errors, missed diagnoses, patient injury and medical malpractice lawsuits. TSG’s template system helps you stay a step ahead of medical malpractice, each and every time you use it.  Best of all, the prompts are simple to use and never interruptive to your care—there are no mandatory pop-ups to address, no hard stops, nothing but intuitive guidance when you need it.

So easy to use, you’ll forget it’s there—until it prevents a mistake.

How does it work?  Let’s look at an example.

A teenage boy presents to the ED with a swollen and painful scrotum.  The triage nurse considers the case to be a low priority, but consults the TSG Risk Overlay to avoid a possible missed diagnosis.


The overlay flags “Testicular Pain,” as high risk, alerting the practitioner to proceed to the next prompt.

The overlay system recommends that the patient be seen by the emergency physician immediately.

The physician is prompted by the overlay to examine the patient for possible testicular torsion.

Rapid diagnosis and treatment prevent necrosis of affected testicle, protecting not only the patient, but also the attending ED staff from medical error and the hospital from possible litigation.  It took the nurse and physician only seconds to consult the prompts, but the benefits will last a lifetime.
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