PLICO has partnered with The Sullivan Group to offer a variety of complimentary fully accredited online risk management programs. PLICO insureds who successfully complete online risk courses may be eligible for risk management premium credit at their next policy renewal. Participating insureds should complete the courses 60 days prior to policy renewal date to ensure appropriate credit.

Completion of two (2) online modules – 2% Risk Management premium credit
Completion of four (4) online modules – 4% Risk Management premium credit
Attendance at a Premier Activity AND completion of two (2) online modules – 6% Risk Management premium credit.

When registering, please use your EMAIL ADDRESS as your Username. There is no charge to our insureds or their staff for these courses. After selection, your “balance due” will revert to $0.00.
Any educational module started must be completed within the same calendar year, or information will be lost. If you have questions, please contact PLICO at 405.815.4803 or the Sullivan Group at 855.777.4636 or support@thesullivangroup.com